Operating Experience – The Monterey team has over 40 years of operating and development experience across multiple U.S. oil and gas basins. We were one of the first “frackers” of unconventional wells in the San Joaquin Valley in California in the late 90’s and a developer of early fracking techniques. We have operating experience in California, the Bakken, and West Texas’ Permian Basin. Monterey has operated, developed and/or has overseen over 2,500 oil and gas wells across several of these and other major U.S. basins. Members of Monterey’s leadership team have founded, developed, operated and successfully monetized several independent oil and gas companies during the course of their careers. We are blessed to have one of the best Board of Directors in the business. All are highly experienced oil and gas operators in their own right and all have worked together in various capacities for over twenty years. As part of any Monterey targeted acquisition, we look to retain highly experienced technical and operating personnel from the acquired target. This maintains operational continuity and serves as a valued augmentation to an already highly capable and talented Monterey operating team.