Robin C. Mann

Advisor and Independent Non-Executive Director

Robin is an advisor and independent non-executive director of Monterey Oil & Gas. He has over 36 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. Until his recent retirement, Robin was a Partner at Deloitte & Touche Canada, where he led a technical group of geoscientists and reservoir engineers for the firm globally. Robin has extensive business development and petroleum operations experience that uniquely qualifies him to advise Monterey regarding its operations and activities in California. Robin worked five years with major exploration companies before starting his own consulting and exploration business in 1984, which he ran until 2011 when he sold his reservoir consulting firm, AJM Petroleum Consultants, to Deloitte LLP. Over the course of his career, Robin has provided geological consulting services to clients throughout North America and internationally and co-founded two successful junior public exploration companies (both listed on the TSX). Robin has been both on the consulting side of the business managing a wide variety of projects (both conventional and non-conventional oil and gas) and leading exploration and operations of his own exploration and production companies. He has been involved in numerous corporate and property acquisitions throughout North America and globally, and the organic growth of exploration and production companies through the drill bit. Robin holds a BS in Geology from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and a MS in Geology from Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario. Robin is a member of the Division of Professional Affairs with the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, past President of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, a Professional Geologist through the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta, and is a U.S. Certified Petroleum Geologist.