Dr. J. Richard Bowersox

Senior Vice President, Geology

Rick is a Senior Vice President, Geology at Monterey on all geological issues impacting Monterey’s acquisitions in Texas, California and the Williston Basin in North Dakota. He brings over 40 years’ experience to Monterey as a petroleum geologist and development executive. Currently, Rick is petroleum consulting geologist and Adjunct Assistant Professor and Senior Research Geologist with the Kentucky Geological Survey at the University of Kentucky. As an industry consultant since 1998, Rick has provided clients with geological evaluation and due diligence review of petroleum properties for development and acquisition, production operations support, and for environmental compliance purposes. Previously, Rick was a founding Partner of Bakersfield Energy Resources in Bakersfield, California, an independent oil and natural gas producer, natural gas processor, pipeline operator, and petroleum products trader. There he, and his partners, successfully grew the company from eight to forty employees and from a valuation of less than $400,000 to over $128 million in less than 8 years. By the time the company was sold to Seneca Resources in 1998, Bakersfield Energy had become the 15th largest natural gas producer in the state of California. Prior to Bakersfield Energy, Rick spent 5 years as a senior geology executive with Mission Resources Inc., also in Bakersfield. Mission Resources was an independent oil and gas producer, limited partnership syndicator, and general partner for Mission Resource Partners, a publicly traded MLP. Rick performed geological evaluations, due diligence review, and coordinated with the company petroleum engineers for all Mission Energy acquisitions both in California and properties managed by Mission throughout the Rockies, Midcontinent, and Gulf Coast regions. Prior to Mission Resources, Rick spent 10 years at Getty Oil and then Texaco Inc. after their acquisition of Getty Oil Company. As District Development Geologist, development geology department manager, Senior Development Geologist, and Development Geology Team Leader, Lead Geologist, and Senior District Geologist, Rick was responsible for overseeing a capital budget of over $100 million and led a team of 29 technical and support professionals furthering Texaco’s acquisition and development interests in both the San Joaquin and Sacramento Basins. Rick holds a BS and MS in geology from San Diego University, and a Ph.D. from the University of South Florida. He is a licensed professional geologist in Kentucky, California, and Florida, and a Certified Professional Geologist of the American Institute of Professional Geologists. Rick has published extensively and is a nationally recognized leader and subject matter expert in petroleum geology and related geological sciences.