Boyd S. Getz

Senior Vice President, Business Development, Geology & Geophysics

A petroleum geologist by background, Boyd brings to MOG over 37 years of professional experience with diverse projects within a multitude of oil and gas basins in California, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming. Boyd also has a world industry perspective through acquisitions experience in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Libya, Peru, and Trinidad & Tobago. Most recently, Boyd was a Senior Geologist for E&B Natural Resources Management focused on identifying, acquiring, designing, permitting, developing, and monitoring Thermal EOR and conventional opportunities in the San Joaquin Basin including projects within the following Oil Fields: Antelope Hills, Belgian Anticline, Blackwell’s Corner, Cymric, Edison, Fruitvale, Jasmin, Kern Bluff, Kern Front, Kern River, McKittrick, Mount Poso, Poso Creek, Rosedale Ranch, and West Bellevue. Prior to E&B Natural Resources, Boyd worked for15 years at J.P. Oil Company as Exploration Manager identifying oil and gas opportunities involving acquisitions, asset rationalization, and reserves. There he spearheaded hundreds of projects involving idle well reactivations, drilling, completions, formation evaluation, recompletions, hydraulic fracture treatments, acid stimulations, waterfloods, water disposal, gas injection, horizontal wells, and tertiary recovery projects involving hundreds of wells in the Belgian Anticline, Kettleman North Dome, Rio Bravo, Russel Ranch, West Bellevue, Anse la Butte (LA), Cecilia (LA), Elba (LA), Krotz Springs (LA), Lawson (LA), North Indian Village (LA), Port Hudson (LA), White Caste (LA), Little Creek (MS), Olive (MS), West Mallalieu (MS), Horn (TX), Kelsey (TX), and Lance Creek (WY) oil and gas fields. Boyd’s hard work and applications helped J.P. Oil win two prestigious “Hart’s Oil and Gas World” awards: “Best Field Improvement Project of the Pacific Region” in 1995 for revitalization of Belgian Anticline Field and Best Advanced Recovery Project of the Gulf Coast” in 1997 for improved miscible CO2 operations and project expansion at Little Creek Field. Prior to J.P. Oil, Boyd worked for 10 years at Chevron as Thermal EOR, Development, Exploration, Exploitation, and NOJV Geologist providing major contributions to large-scale EOR and conventional projects in California within the following Belmont (offshore), Beta (offshore), Buena Vista, Cymric, Elk Hills, Kern River, McKittrick, Midway-Sunset, and Poso Creek oil fields. Boyd holds a MS in Geology from UCLA, and a BS in Geology from California State University at Bakersfield.