Thomas W. Sloop

President & Chief Executive Officer

Thomas is Monterey’s Founder and a senior energy industry executive with a background in investment banking, principal investments, and M&A with over 37 years’ experience in the business. Read more…

Dr. J. Richard Bowersox

Senior Advisor, Petroleum Geologist

Read more…

Robert A. Shore

Vice President, Chief Development Engineer

Bob is Monterey’s Chief Development Engineer. Read more…

Dr. Charles A. Kohlhaas

Non-Executive Independent Director

Charles is a non-executive independent director of the Board. Read more…

Robin C. Mann

Non-Executive Independent Director

Robin is an independent non-executive director of Monterey. Read more…

Richard E. MacDougal

Non-Executive Independent Director

Rich is an independent non-executive director of Monterey. Read more…

Monterey Oil & Gas Board of Directors

Thomas W. Sloop, Executive Chairman of the Board
Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer, Monterey Oil & Gas Corporation

Dr. Charles A. Kohlhaas,Non-Executive Independent Director
Retired Energy Industry Executive

Robin C. Mann, Non-Executive Independent Director
Former Partner, Deloitte & Touche Canada 

Richard E. MacDougal, Non-Executive Independent Director
President, Viridis Petroleum SECZ, Viridis Petroleum Services LLC, Viridis OK LLC