Thomas W. Sloop

President & Chief Executive Officer

Thomas is Monterey Oil & Gas’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to founding Monterey, Thomas was Managing Director at Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC, the U.S. investment banking affiliate of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ltd.  Read more…

Robert A. Shore

Senior Vice President, Chief Development Engineer

Bob is Monterey Oil & Gas’s Chief Development Engineer in connection with acquisitions and thermal reservoir management throughout California. He is responsible for identifying acquisition opportunities throughout the state and assisting in due diligence, technical evaluation, economic valuation, and further development of Monterey targeted properties. Read more…

Boyd S. Getz

Senior Vice President, Business Development, Geology & Geophysics

A petroleum geologist by background, Boyd brings to MOG over 37 years of professional experience with diverse projects within a multitude of oil and gas basins in California, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming. Boyd also has a world industry perspective through acquisitions experience in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Libya, Peru, and Trinidad & Tobago. Read more…


Monterey Oil & Gas Advisory Board

Dr. Charles A. Kohlhaas

Petroleum Engineering

Charles is Monterey Oil & Gas’s senior advisor on the California marketplace. He has over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and is an accomplished petroleum engineer with strong technical knowledge in operations, field development, and reservoir engineering. Read more…

Dr. J. Richard Bowersox

Petroleum Geologist

Rick is a senior advisor to Monterey Oil & Gas on all geological issues impacting or potentially impacting Monterey’s California development strategy. He brings over 40 years’ California specific experience to Monterey as a petroleum geologist and development executive. Read more…

Robin C. Mann

Advisor and Independent Non-Executive Director

Robin is an advisor and independent non-executive director of Monterey Oil & Gas. He has over 36 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. Until his recent retirement, Robin was a Partner at Deloitte & Touche Canada, where he led a technical group of geoscientists and reservoir engineers for the firm globally. Read more…

Richard E. MacDougal

Advisor and Independent Non-Executive Director

Rich is an advisor and independent non-executive director of Monterey Oil & Gas. He is Founder and President of Viridis Petroleum SEZC, Viridis Petroleum Services LLC, and Viridis OK LLC., a group of natural gas exploration and production and services companies with current natural gas production and development operations in Southeast Oklahoma. Read more…


Monterey Oil & Gas Board of Directors

Thomas W. Sloop, Executive Chairman of the Board
Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer, Monterey Oil & Gas Corporation

Robin C. Mann, Independent, Non-Executive Director
Former Partner, Deloitte & Touche Canada 

Richard E. MacDougal, Independent, Non-Executive Director
President, Viridis Petroleum SECZ, Viridis Petroleum Services LLC, Viridis OK LLC